Our Staffing Services

Faced with the necessity of project-specific labor services, many companies are finding contract services an effective means of alleviating short term staffing needs.

Our staff of talent brokers are seasoned professionals dedicated to identifying the right talent at the right time. We use time tested, proven techniques and technologies to ensure both the client and candidate can mutually benefit from the job search match.

With one call to HL Group you can be sure these extensive resources are working for you. Whether you are an employer seeking to hire professionals or an individual looking for an exciting career move, our team is committed to helping you meet your objectives.

Some benefits of working with our temporary employees


Regardless to your time constraints, HL Group can provide you qualified temporary staff with short notice. In most cases, employees are available within 24 hours. Our ability to responds quickly can be critical for those time sensitive projects.

Complex HR forms or billing procedures can add more headache than resolution. We handle everything electronically so you don’t have to shuffle a lot of paper. You can even use a business credit card to cover the services.


Hiring temporary employees to handle work overload prevents full-time employee burnout. When your company wins a new project or experience a seasonal surge of business, regular employees can quickly become overwhelmed. This can lead to costly mistakes and decrease productivity.

By using temporary staff to handle the extra work load, full-time employees can stay focused on their main tasks and your company can continue to effectively serve your customer.


Hiring temporary employees allows your company an opportunity to try out an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. In some cases, a person may have the experience and education for a job but simply does not fit in well with the business environment.

Having an opportunity to evaluate the person in a real work place can be incredibly more valuable than an interview. Human capital is the most valuable asset any company can possess. That is why it is integral to any company’s success model to ensure they use the best methods and support to hire and retain talent.

Therefore, companies rely on HL Group to offer excellent “human touch” qualities such as; honed listening skills and expertise in managing temporary employees’ expectations. We assess our temporary employees with vigor and veracity before they report to your assignment.


Since your business will not be required to provide benefits or pay employment taxes to temporary employees, this can really save on the bottom line. If you have specific projects to tie your costs to, using temporary services can help track the real cost to do business.

In addition, bringing in temporary staff may reduce other overhead costs such as overtime for regular, full-time employees.


Temporary employees allow businesses to use staff as needed. Temporary employees can be brought in to cover employees’ vacation, sick time or maternity leave.  HL Group offers temporary employees in a wide variety of disciplines to meet virtually all of your company’s requirements.

You have the flexibility to use the temporary services when you need them, that could be from just a few hours to 40+ hours a week.

Our staffing solutions include in-office and virtual support, all depending on your business’ needs.



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